Meet the inspiration...

Cooper Wallace of Cooper's Cutz

Meet Cooper Wallace... the inspiration behind Cooper's Cutz. He was adopted from the Western PA Humane Society after being abandoned on the streets of the North Side. This spunky little guy stole our hearts the very minute we laid eyes on him. He was just a little puppy but matted so badly that we mistook him for a slow moving older dog. When we had him groomed for the first time, and all of that neglect was shorn away, we saw this happy, high-spirited puppy come to life.

We urge our pet loving friends to consider all the love that shelter pets can offer to your family.

Meet the owner...

Sena Templeton; Owner of Cooper's Cutz

Sena Templeton has lived in Pittsburgh since 2001 and has been a resident of the Mexican War Streets since 2012. Being a self proclaimed "crazy dog lady", it only seemed natural to open a pet grooming salon in the neighborhood that she loves so much. After all, it's better than adopting a third (and fourth) dog... right?

You can see Sena walking Cooper and our Boxer, Daisy, in Allegheny Commons park every day. She has a profound love of pets and fully appreciates that they are, indeed, a treasured part of our families.

Puppy Play

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